What is the goal of every individual’s life and our society? We want to be happy!

But there are just as many factors in happiness as there are opinions considering the right way to achieve it. We discovered however, that even just concerning themselves with the topic of happiness increases people’s happiness. Thus, we want to increase your “Happiness Education”!

That is why we want to enable scientists and experts from all disciplines to present their ideas. Briefly and straight forwardly. No esoteric, no complex dissertations..... “Happiness Education” for everybody! With the “Happiness Magazine” you can increase you “Happiness Education”, discuss about the topics and find your own way to increase your happiness!


According to the Australian happiness researcher Robert Cummins there are 7 dimensions clustering about 40 different factors that can influence our happiness. It is our goal to display all of these factors in the style of the first ones within the next three years to increase the happiness-education in our society! To realise this we need a budget and a budget comes by many interested users. Hence, you should share the Happiness Magazine with your friends and acquintances!



  • Prof. Dr. Andrew Oswald Professor of Economics, University of Warwick
  • Prof. Dr. Ronnie Schöb Professor for International Public Economics, Free University Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Ruut Veenhoven Emeritus Professor Social Conditions of Human Happiness, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Prof. Dr. Carmelo Vazquez President of the International Positive Psychology association
  • Prof. Dr. Marc Hassenzahl Folkwang University Essen
  • Dr. Martijn Burger Academic Director Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation
  • Dr. Adam Okulicz Kozaryn Researcher Rutgers University
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